2012 NBA Playoffs Game 1 Preview

2012 NBA Playoffs 

 This is what it all comes down to… Some Players and Coaches wait their entire careers to make into the Playoffs and prove that they are the best of the best.

Game 1

   Philadelphia 76ers  vsChicago Bulls
Philadelphia 76er’s face the Chicago Bulls  
The Philadelphia 76er’s have a long road ahead of them as the talent Chicago Bulls have a deep bench that can single-handedly taken on the 76er’s themselves. The Bulls have yet to hit the court with a healthy front line, but going into the playoffs Rip Hamilton and Derrick Rose appear to be close to 100%. Look for their contributions to mean the difference in a blowout or a close 5 game series. 
New York Knicks face the Miami Heat
3:30PM EST
The Knicks enter the playoffs playing their best basketball and seem to playing as a unit. The Knicks bench entering the playoffs is second to none in the NBA and will be the determining factor if the Knicks stand a chance against the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat have been the end of the a lot of criticizism, but they are by far the most talented team entering the NBA Playoffs. Analysts still have them going to the NBA Finals and I don’t see any team in the East that can stop them. This will be a 6 or 7 Game Series (based on the play of the Knicks Bench)
Orlando Magic face the Indiana Pacers
7:00PM EST
The Magic come into the playoffs with no Dwight Howard leaving the team short of size and short of star power. The young Indiana Pacers are the favorites coming in and will most likely make this a quick 1st round with possibly sweeping the Magic in 4 games or the Magic will take it to a 5 game series. 
Dallas Mavericks face the Oklahoma City Thunder
9:30PM EST
The Defending NBA Champions Mavericks have a tough 1st Round match-up as they will be playing the surging Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder have been clearly the best Team coming out of the West. Expect the Thunder to come out of the gate with a lot of runs and some incredible fast breaks. The Thunder will take this series in 6 games.