Can Lebron and Wade lead the Heat to an NBA Championship?

The question every NBA Fan wants to know, Can Lebron and Wade lead the Heat to an NBA Championship?

Many are beginning to question whether they have the team to win the 2012 NBA Championship as they are seemingly limping in the 2012 NBA Playoffs. They have most recently lost five of their past 10 games. 

The Miami Heats struggles are truly a shock to all fans because on paper they have Most talented Team in the NBA especially after the new addition of Center Ronny Turiaf. He has truly provided a lift to their offense as the supporting cast of Lebron and Wade find themselves watching their brilliance unfold.

This has plagued both superstars on their road to success as teammates do not react, but instead become a fan and watch their spectacular dunks and buzzer beaters.

Analyst have begun to title it the “Lebron Syndrome” where teammates await the Superstar to make a play and seemingly letting the Superstar dribble the play dead which leaves it easy for the opposing team to defend the superstar.

Beyond the “Lebron Syndrome“, analyst have been surprised by the disappointing production from Chris Bosh. He stats across the board have dropped from the 2010-2011 NBA Season( PPG: 17.9 Reb: 8.3 Ast: 1.9) to the 2011-2012 NBA Season(Pts 17.9 Reb 7.7 Ast 1.8).

Truthfully none of these factors matter if they can all come together as a team and play their role especially the Big 3 (Lebron, Wade and Bosh).

We will find out in several weeks if they can take the Trophy.