Can the Boston Celtics knock off the Philadelphia 76ers?

The countdown is on as many believe this is the last run the Boston Big 3 will have together.

With that being said…

How far can they go with their current Roster?

Many still do not have the answer as the Boston Celtics appear to have left off the gas and allowed the 76ers to crawl back into the series.

The Celtics have a shining and rising star in Rajon Rondo, but the Big 3 have been highly inconsistent which has left the Celtics searching for offensive options.

Their bench is not what it was during their championship run, but players like Ryan Hollins have come in and performed beyond the teams or fans expectations.

The consensus is the Boston Celtics will get past theĀ Philadelphia 76ers, but will struggle with who ever they face next unless they turn up their intensity.

Doc Rivers is an experience Head Coach and will probably get the team on track.

To catch these teams live, turn to TNT tonight at 7pm EST.

The series is currently tied 2-2

Written by: Anthony Fernandez