Can the Miami Heat get past the Indiana Pacers?

Miami Heat Playoffs

The Team predicted to win it all at the beginning of the season is looking to be one of the most unstable teams in the playoffs.

The Miami Heat have demonstrated that they can be the best team in basketball. Hands down when they move the ball and get out on the fast break, they are seemingly the most dangerous team.

Teams like the Indiana Pacers have learned to slow the game and force the Heat to play a half court set. The Heat have struggled to create offense especially with  with the absence of Chris Bosh.

The Heat revealed their weakness Sunday by showing the basketball world they are dependent on the production of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. Some may say we are stating the obvious, but typically teams can look to the bench for points or even look to other starters to get points on the board , but that just hasn’t been the case for the Miami Heat.

Their offense appears to be centralized around Lebron James coming down the floor looking for a shot or finding Wade on a post up or back screen. Against high caliber teams, this offense scheme will only get them so far as players like Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers must create or be ready to shoot.

The Good news for Heats fans is down the stretch of Game 4 versus Indiana we saw flashes of brilliance by Udonis Haslem. Unfortunately, the Heat know they cannot rely on his offense nor any other player coming off the bench.

The Heat must come together as a team and play as a team if they plan on getting past the Pacers and plan on getting to the NBA Finals.

Written by: Anthony Fernandez