Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas’ Touchdown Streak

Drew Brees Breaks RecordFor NFL fans around the world, New Orleans isn’t the home of Hurricane’s, its the home of the one of the best Quarterbacks in the Game. Drew Brees proved this Sunday why he is one of top QB’s by breaking¬†Johnny Unitas’ Touchdown Streak.

The Saints have had a shaky start of the season but things are starting to look up at the offense begins to gel.

Brees hit Devery Henderson all alone on the right sideline for a 40-yard first-quarter score. The hometown crowd cheered lustily and then saluted him with a long, guttural “Breeeees” chant.

The record-setting TD came in the first quarter against the San Diego Chargers and tied the game at 7-7.¬†Brees’ streak dates to 2009. Unitas’ ahead-of-his-time 47-game streak ran from Dec. 9, 1956 to Dec. 4, 1960.