Good or Bad Trade by the Oklahoma City Thunder?

James Harden Trade

Many are beginning to ask if Trading James Harden was a Good or Bad trade by the Oklahoma City Thunder and well the Sports Writers at Insider Sports are here to answer that for you.

Lets take a quick look at James Harden stats, while playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder last season he averaged 16.8 points and 3.7 assists. These are amazing stats considering he averaged roughly 31 minutes a game.

While that is all good and dandy, the front office of the Oklahoma City Thunder probably only could remember him struggling  badly in Oklahoma City’s loss to Miami in the NBA Finals.

It is clear that the Thunder have one goal and that is to win an NBA Championship and chances are they needed someone who could step up in big games as well as not cost the team a HUGE contract. It was rather public that James Harden was requesting a large extension and the Thunder were not willing to shed a huge pay day for the 24 year old.

Instead, they made a trade with the Rockets where they received Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb plus two first-round picks and a second-round pick.

For the average joe it appears that the Rockets got the better deal, but if you look at what Thunder got Kevin Martin (averaged 17.1 points and 2.8 assists last year) and Jeremy Lamb ( a rookie with a lot of upside) then you realize that they are looking for role players to come and give relief for Durant and Westbrook.

This trade increases the chances of the Thunder upsetting the Los Angeles Lakers in the West. Tune in to see what the Thunder can do this season.