Is Lebron James worthy of the MVP Trophy?

The critically acclaimed “King” was crowned the 2012 MVP Trophy but many are questioning whether he was deserving of this highly sought out award.

Since the start of the playoffs, Kevin Durant has proved to be the Most Valuable Player and Lebron has possibly proved to be a valuable player, but NOT the Most Valuable Player.

Down the stretch of seemingly every playoff game, Lebron has demonstrated a lack of confidence and inability to step up.

Kevin Durant on the other hand has put him team on his back and has hit timely free throws and shots down the stretch. This has helped propel the Thunder to a 3-1 series lead versus the Lakers.

Lebron’s sensational performance in Game 4 versus the Pacers has the analysts teetering whether he has proven to the best player in basketball.

Based on both players contributions in the 2012 Playoffs, Kevin Durant by far is the best player in basketball.

Written by: Anthony Fernandez