Jared Sullinger Looking Impressive During The NBA Summer League

The 6-foot-9 Jared Sullinger once again is proving he is ready for the NBA as he turns heads every time he steps out on the Summer League floor. Many questioned his abilities as he came out of Ohio State with a bulging disc in his back, but he has not let him slow him down. His physical play along with his rebounding, outside jumper and blocking ability has GM’s around the league shacking their heads as to why they didn’t draft him early.

Many pinned him as a heavier DeJuan Blair, but as the NBA Summer League progresses many are beginning to compare his game to USA Basketball Star Kevin Love. His impressive all around game along with 3 point range has the front office at the Boston Celtics ecstatic.

What impressed analyst most is during the team’s summer league opener at the Amway Center versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, Sullinger scored a game-high 20 points and added 6 rebounds and a block. Nerves have not slowed down Jared Sullingers play as he has gone on to put up impressive numbers during the NBA Summer League.

Below are some stats from his Games:

Vs. Detroit Pistons – 11 Points and 7 Rebound and a Block

Vs. Indiana Pacers – 16 Points and 8 Rebounds and 2 Blocks

Vs. The Brooklyn Nets – 8 Points and 12 Rebounds

Keep an eye on Jared Sullinger as he continues to prove himself in the NBA.

To keep up with his progress during the NBA Summer League visit: http://www.nba.com/summer-league/2012/players/sl_jared_sullinger/index.html