Knicks avoid sweep, Heat lead series 3-1

The Knicks appear to still have some gas left in the tank as they take Game 4 and avoid the sweep.

Many fans and analyst expected The Heat to win game 4 as the Knicks appeared to be flat the entire series. To add to their poor play, The Knicks have had to overcome injuries to Iman Shumpert along with careless self-inflicted injury to Amar’e Stoudemire.

For Game 4, The Madison Square Garden crowd did not disappoint as they rose to the occasion and rowed the Knicks team as they trailed early in the ball game.

The game came down to the final minutes had fans on the edge of their seat. Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James both hit some timely three pointers , but the last possession rested in the hands of Dwayne Wade. Wade drove to the basket and then ran to the three point line in desperation to win it all and missed.

Lebron after the game said he would of liked the ball in the final seconds but understands its a team game.

The Heat is on for the Knicks as they will have to battle The defending Eastern Conference Champions on Wednesday, May 9th at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Written by: Anthony Fernandez