Knicks Forced to Weigh Pro’s and Con’s of Jeremy Lin

The Houston Rockets have officially put the New York Knicks on the clock  and have them weighing the Pro’s and Con’s of Jeremy Lin as he recently signed the offer sheet from the Houston Rockets. The contract is a three-year deal, worth $25.1-million that includes an escalator in year 3 that will pay him $14.9 million.

The Knicks have the opportunity to match this deal, but many believe they will pass on this contract as they recently signed potential replacements in Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd. Both players are viable veterans that can run the point as well as help the franchise win a long awaited NBA Championship.

The consensus around the league is Lin will soon be a Houston Rocket, which can be a possible mean the Dwight Howard Trade could be happening sooner than later.

The 2012 off-season is shaping to be one the most entertaining off-seasons fans have ever seen. Teams around the league haves fans on the edge of their seat awaiting the next trade or amnesty.

Can Lin and Dwight Bring the Rockets A Championship?