New York Knicks Plagued By Past Bad Contracts During Lin Deliberation

As the swirl goes around whether the Knicks will sign the Jeremy Lin deal, many Knicks fans are reminded of the old empty deals they have signed that have become rather costly to the organization. The first contract that comes to mind is the one Knicks dealt with Eddy Curry. A big man who had a similar upside like Jeremy Lin (**no where near the marketing appeal), but played very few games due to injury much like Jeremy Lin.

I believe the Knicks are in the position to pass up on the Jeremy Lin contract as they will have 2 experienced Point Guards in the Back court as they recently added Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton. Both PG’s are capable of improving the play of Carmelo Anthony and Power Forward A’mare Stoudemire. Many question whether Jeremy Lin can provide the same benefit as he flourished when both those stars were sidelined with injuries.

Based on his performance from last year, The Houston Rockets will be the best fit for Linsanity. In the Houston Rockets can land Dwight Howard, they will be a few role players away from making a run at a Championship.

The Knicks must sign the contract by 11:59pm tonight.