NFL Top Jerseys

Top Selling NFL Jerseys

ESPN recently announced that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III ended the fiscal year with the best selling jersey in the NFL.  Robert Griffin also went on set to a record by selling more in a fiscal year than any jersey in league history. Robert Griffin III playoff injury did not slow down his growing popularity, if anything it may of enhanced his…


NFL Forcing Teams To Install Cameras In Locker Rooms

NFL Forcing Teams To Install Cameras In Locker Rooms With $9 billion dollars reported in income you would figure the NFL would have no problem reeling in their fan base. They undoubtedly have one of the best global marketing campaigns within the 4 major sports. Suddenly, the NFL is forcing, yes forcing teams to install…

Andy Enfield Coach

Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield Named New USC Head Coach

Florida Gulf Coast’s Andy Enfield will be the new coach of the University of Southern California Trojans, the school announced Monday night. Enfield and his “Dunk City” style of offense drew national attention as he led the Eagles, a No. 15 seed in the NCAA tournament, to the Sweet 16 with upsets of No. 2…

Florida Flight

Orlando’s Own Florida Flight Make Appearance on the A&E Hit Show The Glades

The A&E hit show The Glades just got even better as Orlando’s own minor league basketball team, The Florida Flight, made an appearance on the latest episode. The owner and point guard Mark King along with fellow players Jonathan Adamson, Kamar Russell, Corey Williams, Marcus Patterson, Garvin Gordon, Shannon Diamond and Coach Rebekah Day had the opportunity to…


Miami Heat Extend their Win Streak to 17 Straight Wins

Without Question, every NBA fan can utter the words that the Miami Heat are the best team in the league. They have consistently showed that their style of play can succeed in the league. Many questioned whether their “small ball” could work considering many teams play with a big, but they have blown away teams…

Dolphins Resign Moore and Hartline

The Dolphins have re-signed WR Brian Hartline and QB Matt Moore

The Dolphins have re-signed WR Brian Hartline and QB Matt Moore. Many Dolphins are excited to keep the young talent in house, but some have some questions whether or not this will interfere with their pursuit of Free Agent Mike Wallace. Many analyst have the Dolphins the front runner for Mike Wallace but, cap space…

Mike Brown Fired

Los Angeles Lakers Fire Head Coach Mike Brown

The Los Angeles Lakers have shockingly started the season with a 1-4 record behind Head Coach Mike Brown and newly acquired Dwight Howard. Management was not too thrilled with this start and responded quickly by FIRING Mike Brown. Many reports surfaced after his struggles that the Lakers would fire the Head Coach. The Lakers made it official…

Nikola Vucevic, Kosta Koufos

Are the Orlando Magic better off without Dwight Howard?

The season is underway and the Orlando Magic look to be making the most of their newly formulated roster as they have started out with a 2-1 record. Orlando Magic’s New Head Coach, Jacque Vaughn, doesn’t appear to be missing the All-Star Center Dwight Howard as he has quickly replaced him with a hidden talent in Nikola Vucevic….