Sixers Win In Boston, Even Series with 76ers

Jrue Holiday made sure The 76er’s were heading back to Philly with an even series as he scored 18 points and none bigger than the final 2 minutes.

Andre Iguodala also added 13 points and added that extra boost down the stretch to hold off Boston  in the final minutes.

The Big 3 (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett) for Boston appeared to be sluggish and very inconsistent. They would have stretches of sheer genius, but towards the end of the game, the only shining star was Rajon Rondo.

The Boston Celtics have a long road ahead of them and the 76er’s will make sure it is. Predictions have Boston ending this series in 6 games, but I see it going 7 Games with Boston inching it out thanks to their experience and talent.

Written by: Anthony Fernandez