The Dallas Mavericks Waive Delonte West After Being Suspended Twice This Month

Delonte West Waived by Mavericks

Monday didn’t start so well for Delonte West as The Dallas Mavericks waived the suspended guard which cut their roster to the mandated 15-player limit.

This may come to a shock to some, but for those who have been following the Dallas Mavericks in recent weeks you would of caught wind of their rocky relationship with West. West has been suspended twice this month for conduct detrimental to the team.

Delonte has had a track record of being a loose cannon and being a player that teams have to keep a watchful eye over. West, who has bipolar disorder, indicated in a series of tweets after the second suspension that his future in Dallas was in doubt. The eighth-year pro was involved in a pair of locker room incidents during the preseason. He was on his second straight one-year contract for the veteran minimum, which was $1.2 million this season.

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