The Orlando Magic and Rob Hennigan Make Last Attempt at Keeping Dwight Howard

Orlando Magic Fans along with the residents in Orlando may have had their hearts skip a beat after they heard the report by Jarrod N Rudolph from RealGM  regarding The Orlando Magics Last Attempt at keeping Dwight Howard.

You heard that right, Rob Hennigan traveled to Los Angeles to have a face-to-face discussion with Howard in efforts to try to sweep him off his feet and keep him here in Orlando. As we all expected, Howard made it clear to Hennigan that he has no desire to return to Orlando.

Not a Shocker Orlando Magic Fans!!  But it gets better… 

The trip to Los Angeles could of easily been mistaken for a leisure escape from the madness as Hennigan showed up to the meeting empty handed and presented no road map on hiring a Head Coach or outline of how the team planned to improve and get back to a championship-contending level.

Dwight Howard hasn’t exactly been a model citizen this off season, but with the Magic bringing nothing to the table, I would want a way too!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, the Saga Continues on Where Dwight Howard will end up..

According to the RealGM Article,

“Hennigan informed Howard that he didn’t have any deals in the works and wasn’t quite sure how to respond to what he was told”

No Deals?! What on earth are you doing Rob?

Get off Splash Mountain and join rest of Orlando on the Tower of Terror aka The Dwightmare.

As an NBA Fan and Sports Writer, I understand it is tough to determine what is the best trade scenario for the Orlando Magic, but this has gone on for far too long. It has becoming the bad divorce everyone is sick of reading, of course right behind Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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