Tune into Opening Night for the 2012-2013 NBA Season

NBA Opening Night

This past NBA offseason has been one for the record books as huge NBA Blockbuster trades took place and players settled into new Homes. The much awaited Opening night for the 2012-2013 NBA Season is here and it will bring you some big name teams along with smaller market teams looking to surprise the NBA Fans.

Game 1: Washington Wizards @ The Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 2: Boston Celtics @ The Miami Heat

Game 3: Dallas Mavericks @ The Los Angeles Lakers

Lets face it folks, Game 1 may put you to sleep since really the only talent on the court will be Kyrie Irving, but Game 2 and 3 should prove to be entertaining the defending NBA Champions Miami Heat taking on the more youthful Boston Celtics (not really but sounded good).

The Los Angeles Lakers will be featured in Game 3 ,but they will be faced the Dirk and Kaman-less Dallas Mavericks making this game another Pre-Season bore for those expecting the Mavericks to put up a fight.

Most of us will find ourselves tuning into Game 2 and maybe watching a few minutes of Game 3 to see how Dwight Howard and Steve Nash will do with their new teams.

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