What is the next move for the Orlando Magic?

This season has been practically and ongoing Roller Coaster for the Orlando Magic.

They seemingly prepared for their Franchise Player Dwight Howard to either be traded or sign a waiver stating he won’t opt out of his contract.

Well their worst nightmare came true with Dwight Howard opting in and weeks later discovering he will need season ending surgery.

With this lingering injury and off season recovery, should the Orlando Magic wait to see how Dwight Howard recovers or should they attempt to trade up in the 2012 NBA Draft and try to get the talented Anthony Davis among a few other top picks in the NBA Draft.

After the season ending surgery and unprofessional request to have Stan Van Gundy fired, it would be in the best interest to trade Dwight Howard this off-season.

His dominance cannot be questioned, but he is slowly becoming a cancerous employee in and out of the locker room.

We shall see how Otis Smith and the front office handle the NBA off-season.