Who is to blame for the Orlando Magic decline?

New Arena, Big Market, Winning Record… 

Typically this equation equals success, but not for the Orlando Magic.

The 2011-2012 NBA Season presented a lot of obstacles for the Orlando Magic, none bigger than the soap opera that unfolded to keep Dwight Howard in Orlando.

The Orlando Magic have had their fair share of Stars, but they all seem to leave or get traded at the height of their career.

Shaquille O’Neal, Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis… The list goes on.. but the question is why?

The average NBA Fan can see that Magic management constantly struggles to agree on personnel and in return they end up having to settle with the runt of the litter.

A great example of this is the acquisition of Gilbert Arenas.Great player “in his day” but has continually struggled with injuries and staying in basketball shape. His contract was a cancer and ended up causing conflict in the front office.

But lets fast forward to 2012 to this off season and what they can do to change this depressing Orlando Basketball Atmosphere.

There is a big swirl that Stan Van Gundy is in his last days as Head Coach for the Orlando Magic, but I do not believe that is the answer. He has done a phenomenal job considering the talent and has helped develop one of the best centers ever to enter the NBA.

Time and time again the we steer away the man who brings in the talent and has put The Magic in this whole and that is Otis Smith.

Smith became Director of Community Relations for the Orlando Magic from 1996–1998. He then then went on t become Executive Director of Basketball Operations for Golden State during the 2002-2003 season.

He eventually returning to Florida and spent two years as Director of Player Development for the Orlando Magic, he was then later promoted to Co-General Manager for 2005-2006 season.

Otis Smith was named General Manager of the Orlando Magic on May 3, 2006 and the Magic organization hasn’t looked back.

As you can see he has paid his dues, but also has cost the Magic opportunities to become a legitimate Championship contender.

Replace Otis Smith and Keep Stan Van Gundy.