Will the Lakers Fan’s Ever Accept Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard Lakers DebutAfter being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, many wondered if fans would accept him or resent him like the Magic fans have for so long. His image has definitely taken a beating this summer with his flip flopping ways as an Orlando Magic.

It all began when the word came out he wanted Stan Van Gundy and shortly after he demanded a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. It only got worse from there as rumors came out how he was handling situation.

What truly tipped the Magic fans off was his “inability” to attend his annual basketball camp. He let down all the kids looking to meet him for the first time and learn some basketball skills for one of the best centers ever. Unlike many anticipated, Howard has still retained all his endorsements and continues to be one of the top stories in sports headlines.

With all that said, Will Lakers Fans Ever Accept Dwight Howard?